Additional information about Willi Graf’s childhood

The personal data previously given are accurate. I was born in Kuchenheim, Rheinbach County, Cologne District, where my father was director of a dairy. When I was 4 years old, my father moved his place of residence from Kuchenheim to Saarbrücken where he started a job as Managing Director of a wine wholesaler, Johannishof A.G.

I was raised in my parents’ home, together with a sister who is 3 years younger and another who is 2 years older. As far as I know, my father did not belong to any political party before Hitler came to power. …

I attended elementary school in Saarbrücken for 4 years, and following that the Ludwig Gymnasium until the Abitur. …

I was raised a strict Catholic, so it is not surprising that I have remained loyal to this upbringing to the present day. I am of the opinion that one can be a good Christian [illegible] and simultaneously a good National Socialist.


Source: Fourth interrogation of Willi Graf, February 26, 1943

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