Bischoff’s view of Kurt Huber’s youth

Huber was born in Switzerland. He attended the Gymnasium in Stuttgart. Childhood illnesses left him partially paralyzed [Note 1] in his joints and in his face. This resulted in a speech impediment. Huber studied musicology and philosophy.

He was never a soldier since he was physically disabled. In January 1921, he qualified as a university lecturer in Munich, and in 1926 he became an associate professor. …

The father of the accused Huber was a National Liberal. Huber himself was a member of the Bavarian People’s Party [Note 2], until they became too religious [Note 3] for him. Though he was raised Catholic, the accused has no close ties to the church. According to his statements, he has turned down two appointments to Catholic professorships.


Note 1: Lähmung can be crippled, paralyzed, or a form of “palsy” (e.g., cerebral palsy).

Note 2: This was also a “National Liberal” or moderate organization.

Note 3: Specifically, affiliated with the Catholic Church.


Source: Indictment dated April 8, 1943

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