Eickemeyer’s family

I still have 4 [living] siblings. My oldest sister – Luise von Fritz – has lived in New York since 1935. Her husband Prof. Dr. Kurt von Fritz is a “Reichsdeutscher” [German citizen].

My younger sister, Mrs. Karole Seifert, lives in Munich at Königin Str. 18. Her husband Adolf Seifert (Baurat = local government planning officer), is currently with the Air Force in Rome; he is a structural engineering inspector with the Air Force [Luftwaffe].

My brother Helmut Eickemeyer (chief engineer) is employed by Lanz Corporation in Mannheim as Chief Engineer; he lives at Charlotten Str. 15 in Mannheim.

An additional brother named Clemens Eickemeyer has lived in Sumatra (Dutch Indies) since 1929; he is a farmer there. Currently he is interned in British India near Bombay.


Source: Initial interrogation of Manfred Eickemeyer, April 6, 1943

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