Grimminger explains early political views

After I was discharged from military service, I was not made Director of the municipal cooperative in Crailsheim because of my political attitudes, but because I was placed in that position by the board of directors of the District Authority there.

The workers’ council there did battle with me while I served in that position. They tried to have me removed from office. In this context, I refer to personal attacks in the press (Fränkischer Grenzbote, Crailsheim, 1920/21), because I did not wish to allow them to tell me how to run my business.

I admit that I am an opponent of the planned economy that was in place there at that time. I probably voted for the National Assembly [Party].

Incidentally, at that time I was sworn in as the head of the [local] militia by the District Authority in Crailsheim. In the days following that, I voted for the “Bavarian People’s Party” [Note 1].

I cannot say what political party Robert Scholl belonged to (he was mayor of Ingersheim at that time). Scholl was mayor there during the war. I never learned anything else about him.


Note 1: Bayerische Volkspartei.


Source: Second interrogation of Eugen Grimminger, March 3, 1943

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