Grimminger loses job

Around 1930, I became Director of the Audit Division for Productive Cooperatives, and simultaneously was promoted to Chief Auditor. I worked in that position until around April 30, 1935.

In that capacity, I implemented market regulation for the dairy industry in Württemberg. On April 30, 1935, I was discharged during the course of the reestablishment of career civil service, because my wife is Jewish [Note 1]. I receive a monthly settlement of around RM 390 [$3,120]. …

My discharge (1935) because of the reestablishment of the career civil service made an extraordinary impression on me. I tried to forget this suffering that had been inflicted on me by reading. …

Despite the discharge from my position as civil servant in 1935, I am not a direct opponent of National Socialism. However, I will not deny that I do not completely agree with the National Socialist worldview. In saying that, I would like to particularly emphasize that I have never in any way considered becoming an opponent of the State, or to appear to be one.


Note 1: Volljüdin. That is, not a so-called half-Jew.


Source: Initial interrogation of Eugen Grimminger, March 3, 1943

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