Schüddekopf family politics

There are no negative reports on file for her [Katharina Schüddekopf] here of a political nature. Despite repeated requests for her to join at least one of the Party’s organizations, she has always refused. She did not participate in collections or charitable contributions. Therefore she cannot must not be considered politically blameless. … Continue reading

Sophie Scholl: Gruppenführerin

The accused Sophia Scholl was initially employed as a kindergarten teacher. Since the summer of 1942, she has been studying Natural Science and Philosophy at the University of Munich. She has belonged to the League of German Girls since 1941 [sic], with final rank of Gruppenführerin [Group Leader].


Note 1: Gruppenführerin is the same rank as Fähnleinführer, which Hans Scholl held. Most biographies of Sophie Scholl ignore the high rank she achieved with BDM or Jungmädel.


Source: ZC13267, indictment (43)