Willi Graf, Abitur, and school work

I was able to handle the demands of school without any trouble. The whole thing seemed like a game to me. I was able to retain everything I heard and read without any effort. I had plenty of time left over for extracurricular activities. I was able to learn how to play the violin. I had plenty of time to play and took part in the pastimes of children of our acquaintance. [Illegible paragraph.]

When I was 10 years old, I was promoted to the Ludwigs Gymnasium in Saarbrücken where I completed 9 grades and then took the Abitur in February 1937. Everything about school with all its duties and responsibilities seemed like child’s play to me, hardly serious preparation for an eventual career. [Illegible]

I was always particularly interested in German and religion classes, and [illegible] for Greek classes, and music. [About 1/3 of the page is illegible.]

I wanted to learn about the secrets of how a radio functioned, but even that was child’s play and not a serious interest. Such things bedazzled me – how electricity can make something work – and I wanted to understand that for my own knowledge. [The next nine pages are nearly completely illegible, with only a word or sentence here or there legible.]


Note: Should a more legible version of this document come to light, we will update this page. Too much is missing!


Source: Willi Graf’s Curriculum Vitae dated March 8, 1943

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