Schmorell – Seventh Artillery

Served from Autumn 1937 to [blank] . Unit: Student Company. Location: Munich. Discharged as: Is a sergeant (medic). …

November 1937, I joined the 7th Artillery in Munich. I was trained as a gunner for one year, and then I spent half a year in army medical service training. …

When I joined the German army in 1937 (I volunteered), I swore the oath of allegiance to the Führer. However, I freely admit that even then, I had inhibitions about so doing, but I attributed them to unfamiliar military life. I hoped I would develop another mindset in the ensuing time.


Date of November 1, 1937 is estimate.

Note: One may not infer from this statement that Alexander Schmorell was part of the Second Student Company in November 1937. That designation in his interrogation referred to his military assignment in February 1943.-Ed.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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