Hans Scholl in cavalry

16. Military experience

a) Drafted or volunteered for which unit? Cavalry, on November 1 (sic), 1937. Volunteered for Cavalry Regiment No. 18, reported for duty in Cannstadt (sic).

b) Excluded [from military service] due to unworthiness [Note 1]? No.

When and why? N/A.

c) Served from November 1937 to March 1937 (sic); April 1940 to present time.


Note 1: Not the same as “unfit for duty” – not related to physical ability.

General note: Did not enter the March 1938 date as end of initial military service, because it does not square with the little bit of Hans Scholl correspondence that has been released to date.-Ed.


Source: Initial interrogation of Hans Scholl, February 18, 1943.

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