Sophie Scholl removed from JM leadership

Due to differences of opinion with the regional leader [Führerin] of the League of German Girls (Region 20) by the name of Schönberger, I resigned from my commission as Gruppenführerin. This quarrel had to do with the internal workings of the League of German Girls, and had no political basis at all.

After my resignation, I transferred my membership from the Jungmädelschaft to the League of German Girls, where I served until shortly before I took my exams for certification as a kindergarten teacher. I attended League of German Girls meetings fairly regularly.

However, I will admit with regards to this that the last 2 years that I belonged to the League of German Girls, I did not do so whole-heartedly. Initially my antipathy could be traced back to the fact that I found the meetings boring and felt that they were incorrect from a pedagogical point of view.


Note: Sophie Scholl, Elisabeth Scholl, and Susanne Hirzel were all removed from leadership positions simultaneously. Their disgrace did not affect the status of either Hans Scholl or Inge Scholl. – Also, date is estimate, but corresponds to the time frame given for the event by Susanne Hirzel.


Source: First interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 18, 1943

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