Karl Pötzl comments about Alexander Schmorell

[Karl Pötzl]: I have known Alexander Schmorell since childhood, since he lives very near my parents’ home. We attended the same middle school, but of course we were not in the same grade, since Schmorell is two years older. …

Among Schmorell’s circle of friends, I never met the Scholl siblings. Probst was introduced to me by Alexander Schmorell at a meeting in the winter of 1939 / 40. We spoke only briefly and then said goodbye.

Regarding Schmorell’s attitude towards National Socialism, I can only say that he was not interested in politics. I can explain his treasonous attitude only by assuming that he must have been influenced by third parties.


Note: This entry is “dated” December 1939, as that is the only date that makes sense for both Christoph Probst and Alexander Schmorell. Schmorell’s attitudes that Karl Pötzl mentions also would not have been evident until the end of 1939, as Alex Schmorell’s attitudes towards National Socialism evolved over time.-Ed.


Source: Karl Pötzl’s March 10, 1943 statement.

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