Schertling family involvement in Nazi politics

Politically, she [Gisela Schertling] has belonged to all of the National Socialist girls’ organizations. In addition to her political education in these organizations, we have done all we could to raise her as a National Socialist.

We could tell that she always gladly did her duty in the National Socialist youth organizations. She also told us that she liked the National Socialist League of Students in Jena. She was never a leader in any of these organizations because she always had her inhibitions. She did not think she was capable of mastering that area and she did not have a “Führer” nature. I always objected to her statement that she was too shy.

Her 18-year-old sister Renate has been active in National Socialist youth organizations since she was 11. She was a Jungmädel platoon leader, and later became a member of the League of German Girls, then “Glaube und Schönheit” [Faith and Beauty]. She has been a member of the NSDAP for a year. Her younger sister Uta is particularly awakened for National Socialist duties, which was noticeable during her membership in Jungmädel.

I myself have belonged to the Party since 1937. I registered shortly after Hitler came to power at the insistence of the then-precinct leader in Pössneck.

After Hitler came to power, I also joined the NS Opferring [Circle of Martyrs] and became a patron member of the SS. I am also a member of the Nordic Society, of the Reich Colonial League, and of the People’s League for Germans Abroad (Expatriates). I am actively involved (commissioned by the German Folk Education Society) as director of the Heimatschule in Jena. …

My wife is in the NS League of Women and is a cell leader. She has belonged to this organization since 1938. She has always taken her responsibilities as cell leader very seriously.

Of course we also belong to the National Socialist Welfare League (NSV). I have always given large sums of money to various National Socialist collections. I believe that I can confidently say that our family has always been ready and willing to undertake National Socialist duties. That can easily be determined at any time.


Source: April 2, 1943 Gestapo interview with Paul and Lotte Schertling

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