The Schertling family

I would like to briefly describe the relationships of the Schertling parents:

Schertling’s father publishes newspapers and magazines in Pössneck / Thuringia. He is also editor-in-chief of those publications (publisher-editor).

After Hitler came to power, Mr. Paul Schertling joined the Circle of Martyrs [Opferring], and later the Party. Since 1933, he has been director of the Heimatschule in Pössneck. He has been the German Worker Party’s [DAP] Local Folk Education Warden for a long time. As such, he organizes lectures, poetry readings, and discussion evenings. These take place 2 – 3 times a month in autumn and winter, along with a concert once a month.

Since 1933, his leisure time has been filled with the selection of speakers and artists, as well as with the propaganda and set-up of the numerous events. In addition, Mr. Schertling made up for the frequent losses (especially in the first years) out of his own pocket.

G. Schertling’s mother has been a block leader, and later a cell leader, of the NS Women’s League for years.

Gisela Schertling has two sisters. One sister Renate was a Jungmädel leader when she was only 12 years old. She now belongs to BDM. She is a member of the Party. The second sister, Uta, was likewise a Jungmädel leader for many years until her current residence at the Secondary School in Spetzgart.


Source: Karl Götz’s November 17, 1943 clemency petition

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