Attorney’s account of health concerns

It is noteworthy that the director [Note 1] of that school, Dr. Engelhardt, likewise told [Gisela’s] father that Gisela Schertling appeared to intellectually cramp up. This was about six months before she took the Abitur. The director said that she was afraid that this predisposition could be the basis for a future mental illness.

Even at that time, the accused clearly had an inclination to classical music. It noticeably increased to the point that the accused solely concerned herself with the classics, both in music and in literature. She refused all other musical activities.

Her parents were happy about this unusual limitation insofar that they saw that precisely through this inclination [to classical music], their daughter’s nervous condition appeared to clear up.


Note 1: Leiterin. The director was a woman.


Source: April 7, 1943 petition from Karl Götz to People’s Court

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