Hans Scholl – early university days

I am a member of the German Alpine Club, Munich branch, because I am an enthusiastic mountain climber and skier.

I have spent a great deal of time in the country house of Professor Eduard Borchers in [Bad] Tölz, Haus Rosswies [Note 1], as well as in the home of Professor Hartert (Chief Public Health Officer) in [Bad] Tölz at Kalvarienberg 1, as well as in Zell near Ruhpolding in the home of (Mrs.) Dr. Probst.

I have primarily frequented the cabins of the Alpine Club as follows: The Bavaria Cabin near Lenggries; the Tutzinger Cabin near Benediktbeuren; the Ehrwalder Alm near Ehrwald; and the Coburg Cabin near Ehrwald. In previous years I went to the mountains alone and met up there with the Borchers children and Hellmuth [sic] Hartert.


Note 1: In Upper Bavaria, houses are often known by their names more than by their addresses. Rosswies means Horse Meadow.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fifth interrogation, February 21, 1943

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