Diploma, Spetzgart

Schloβ Spetzgart School
Private Secondary School for Girls – Home Economics
Branch of the Schloβ Salem School


/Attached: Photograph of Gisela Schertling, with school seal/

Gisela Schertling, born February 9, 1922 in Pössneck, Lutheran faith, daughter of businessman Paul Schertling, has attended Spetzgart School, Secondary School for Girls, Home Economics, since April 1939 beginning with the 7th class [11th grade].

Since Easter 1940, she has been a pupil in the 8th class [12th grade].

I. General evaluation of the character and intellectual efforts [of the student]: Gisela exhibits serious, intellectual, and personal effort. She can dedicate herself to a goal with great energy. She works very keenly [eifrig] and conscientiously. She puts out great effort in sports.

II. PE Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Sports: Satisfactory

III. Scholarly, artistic, and practical achievements:
German: Satisfactory
History: Satisfactory
Geography: Satisfactory
Art: Satisfactory
Music: Very Good

Natural Sciences and Mathematics:
Biology: Satisfactory
Chemistry: Satisfactory
Physics: Satisfactory
Mathematics: Poor

Women’s Subjects
Cooking, housework, and garden work: Adequate
Handwork: Adequate
Shop: Satisfactory
Health and Hygiene: Good
Occupational Classes: Good

Nursery for babies, kindergarten, family: Diligent and willing

Foreign Languages
English: Adequate

Religion: –

IV. Overall evaluation: Gisela Schertling has passed her final examinations.

Spetzgart, March 22, 1941

Chair of the Examination Committee: /Signed: [Illegible]/

Director of the School: /Signed: Dr. O. Engelhardt/


Source: April 7, 1943 petition from Karl Götz to People’s Court

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