Sophie Scholl and Reich Labor Service

From questionnaire: Division number for Sophie Scholl’s Reich Labor Service = 13/122. …

I subsequently volunteered for the female branch of the Reich Labor Service. At the beginning of April 1941, I reported for duty at the Labor Service camp 13/122 in Krauchenwies near Sigmaringen. I served the prescribed Labor Service duty there until October of that year.


Note 1: In this interrogation, she stated that she served in Reich Labor Service from April 1941 to March 1942 “in Siegmaringen (sic) / Blumberg.” This is only partly true. Her Reich Labor Service (RAD) was in Krauchenwies, Siegmaringen district. But the time in Blumberg was actually War Auxiliary Service. She gave the correct information later on during the same interview.

Note 2: Date of first day of RAD from Sophie Scholl correspondence. In the Gestapo interrogation, she only noted April 1941.


Source: First interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 18, 1943

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