Hans Scholl re Windlicht (Storm Lantern)

With regards to the literary letters that I wrote, this is about a newsletter entitled Windlicht [Storm Lantern]. These letters were sent to a former circle of friends from Ulm, a circle that has been torn apart by the war. It was a means of building an intellectual bridge.

[The newsletter] was apolitical and is in no way connected with the leaflets. One issue of the newsletter contained several essays written by my sister Inge Scholl, Otto Aicher and myself. I can remember that the addressees included the following names:

  • Sergeant Major Ernst Reden, killed in action
  • Captain Fritz Hartnagel (Stalingrad)
  • Lance Corporal Werner Scholl (brother), and
  • Lance Corporal Wilhelm Habermann.

I believe this newsletter was sent to only 8 people. My sister Inge Scholl in Ulm typed these letters in Spring 1942 in Ulm.


Editor’s note: Windlicht started in the Summer of 1941 (and was Otl Aicher’s idea). They issued a November/December 1941 series, and the last one went out in Spring 1942. Nothing political – merely literary and “newsletter” information. – Interesting too that Hans Scholl left Sophie Scholl off the list, as well as Traute Lafrenz. Both contributed to the newsletter.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fourth interrogation, February 20, 1943

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