Gisela Schertling in Krauchenwies

The farmers for whom G. Schertling later worked were all full of praise for her. May I name as witnesses on her behalf:

1) Farmer Hammer, Sigmaringendorf
2) [Farmer] Müller, Farm, Krauchenwies
3) [Farmer] Häberle, Sigmaringendorf
4) [Farmer] Falch, Krauchenwies
5) [Farmer] Dilger, Ettisweiler.

I am unfortunately unable to list all the places that the working girl [Note 1] G. Schertling worked. However, these locations should suffice to create an image of G. Schertling’s person.

The leaders in Labor Service were so pleased with her that she was voted leader of the community. More information about this is available from the Labor Service camp in Krauchenwies near Sigmaringen.


Note 1: Arbeitsmaid.


Source: Karl Götz’s clemency petition dated November 17, 1943

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