Gisela’s first visit with the Scholl family

Once on a free Sunday, she took me to her parents’ house in Ulm. On the one hand, I liked her home. It was so pretty and stylish. She was also very nice to me. I was allowed to look at all her books. I saw many writers and books I had never seen before. But on the other hand, I found the entire atmosphere there very oppressive.

The two things I especially noticed about Sophie were that she was very gifted in many things, and that she was very religious. At home, we were Lutheran too, but not very religious. We rarely went to church. My father also criticized the Catholic Church because it tried to be a secular power and got mixed up in secular business. At home, we were not very straitlaced at all. And church doctrine had minimal effect on me. I simply took it as it was.


Source: Gisela Schertling’s C.V.

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