Hans Scholl re Carl Muth

I have known Prof. Karl Muth, residing in Munich-Solln, Dittler Street 10, since the end of October 1941. My sister Inge Scholl recommended him to me. In a letter dated October 24, 1941, he asked me to catalog his private library.

Prof. Muth is currently 76 years old. He was the editor-in-chief and publisher of the monthly magazine Highland which was published by Kösel and Bustek Publishing House in Munich.

I never discussed political questions with Prof. Muth. Our common interests revolved around literary matters. I never spoke with him about the strategic situation of the war.

From October 1941 to June 1942, I was a frequent visitor in his house, 2 – 4 times a week. The only exceptions were a couple of longer breaks, such as New Year’s and Easter. Most of the time I was working in his library.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fourth interrogation, February 20, 1943

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