Hans Scholl re Alexander Schmorell

Schmorell and I never went to the mountains together. I know that he often visited our mutual acquaintance Christoph Probst in Zell near Ruhpolding. I do not know whether he made trips to other mountain regions.

In Munich, Schmorell primarily associated with Christl Probst and me. But I do know that he knows some of the Russian immigrants who visit him at his home. I only know them by their first names.

I know that one is named Andrej, a girl is named Natja, and there is also a man whose surname is Nalbandoff. The latter resides on Mauerkircher Street, street number unknown. I know this man a little better, because he gave me Russian lessons. I cannot name other acquaintances that Schmorell may have.

I cannot make any additional statements about the conduct of these Russian immigrants because I hardly know them. Of course I saw them now and again in Schmorell’s residence, but I hardly ever talked with them.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fifth interrogation, February 21, 1943

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