Alexander Schmorell on Carl Muth

Hans Scholl has known Prof. Muth for many years. I myself met Prof. Muth about a year ago in Solln through Hans Scholl. Prof. Muth occupies himself with religious literature. I do not know anything about his other attitudes toward National Socialism.

I would have no reason to believe that Prof. Muth is engaged in any treasonous activity. Prof. Muth has absolutely nothing to do with my crime. I do not even believe that Hans Scholl dared to initiate Prof. Muth into our plans. I cannot say anything negative about Prof. Muth. The one and only time I visited Prof. Muth, we talked about the circle around Stephan George, whom Prof. Muth opposes.


Date is based on a letter from Hans Scholl in which he talked about a “splendid evening” he convened the evening of February 15, 1942. It is the only time mentioned where a group of White Rose friends met with Carl Muth. Otherwise, Muth’s contact was almost solely with Hans Scholl.-Ed.


Source: RGWA, February 26, 1943 interrogation of Alexander Schmorell.

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