Sophie Scholl registers at university

In the meantime, I decided to study Natural Sciences and Philosophy. Therefore, I registered at the University of Munich at the end of April 1942 for the first time – that is when the Summer Semester 1942 began. …

My father gives me a monthly allowance of 150 Marks [$1200.00] to subsidize my living expenses and university fees. I do not receive any other fellowship monies or support from anyone else. My father earns somewhere around 1500 Marks per month [$12,000.00], therefore it is no hardship for him to pay for my studies.

My brother, who is in the 9th semester of his medical studies, has no need of additional support from our parents, since he draws a salary as a Sergeant (medic), which is enough to cover both his living expenses and tuition. …

When I came to Munich in May 1942 at the beginning of the semester, I initially lived with my brother Hans in his room at Lindwurm Str. 13, since I could not find a room of my own.


Note: The May 1, 1942 date contradicts Inge Scholl, but is supported by correspondence by and between Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel.-Ed.

Note 2: Additionally, Sophie’s information about her initial living arrangements were not correct. Hans lived at Athener Platz 4 until the first of June, and did not move to the Lindwurm Str. address until June. It is possible that she was trying to protect Carl Muth, with whom she lived until a room became available on June 1.


Source: First interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 18, 1943

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