Hans Scholl residence – Mandlstrasse 1

To the best of my knowledge, the student Hans Scholl, single, occupied a rented room in my house for approximately 14 days at the end of May or beginning of June 1942. During this time he received few of the visitors who called on him, since in most cases his sister was with him. Scholl always deported himself well and there was no cause for complaint.

I rarely spoke with him. We had no political conversations whatsoever. I am therefore unqualified to give any information about his political leanings. With regards to his conduct, I can only provide him with the highest possible character reference.


Note: This date is fairly close – Sophie Scholl moved into Hans’ old room on June 1 when he moved to Lindwurmstr. 13. So if he lived at Mandlstrasse 1 for two weeks, he would have had to move there around May 15.


Source: ZC13267, Maria Lösch-Berrsche’s February 20, 1943 statement.

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