Sophie Scholl residence – Mandlstrasse 1

His [Hans Scholl’s] sister (Sophie Scholl) occupied the same room from I believe it was the end of June 1942 to the beginning of semester break. Sophie Scholl was usually in her room only during the evening hours. She often read [books] and only occasionally received visitors. I do not know who these visitors were, because I did not care about it. I believe her visitors were usually female friends.

She occasionally made telephone calls from my residence, but I do not know with whom she spoke as I always left the room when she placed her calls. We never discussed the events of the war or politics. On one occasion during a conversation with Scholl, I could conclude that she and her brother were not members of the NSDAP. But none of our conversations ever led me to believe that the two of them were not on good terms with the Party or the current regime. Miss Scholl made the best of all possible impressions on me – she was very quiet, decorous, and courteous. In this regards, I can only provide her with the highest possible character reference.

I did not make any observations that would have aroused my suspicions that they could possibly be working against the current regime.


Note: The dating of this residence (and hence Hans Scholl’s prior residence) is based on actual dates from Sophie Scholl’s letters.


Source: ZC13267, Maria Lösch-Berrsche’s statement dated February 20, 1943

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