The Remington typewriter

As far as I can recall, Schmorell borrowed the portable typewriter (“Remington Portable” [Note 1] brand, serial number unknown) for the first time about 1-1/2 years ago from our family; I do not know who in our family lent it to him. I believe he said he needed it to copy out poetry, because he often said that he wrote poetry. I myself never handed the typewriter over to Schmorell. But my mother or my younger brother always told me when Schmorell had borrowed the typewriter. …

Since I am responsible for families of deceased SS members, I urgently need the typewriter and I therefore request that it be turned over to me once again. In this context I would like to mention that Schmorell always borrowed the typewriter for short periods of time.


Note 1: “Remington Portable” is in English in the transcript. Remington was an American-made typewriter.

Note 2: Date is estimate.


Source: Karl Pötzl’s March 10, 1943 statement.

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