Hans Scholl – Greif duplicating machine

After being shown a section of a postal money order, wherein the sum of 36 Marks [$288.00] was paid to Franz Baier Company in Munich, Sendlinger Str. 49, and after I have once again been admonished to tell the truth, I will now tell the whole truth with regards to the production and distribution of the leaflets “The White Rose”.

… I bought the duplicating machine (Greif brand) from Baier Company. It did not cost 32 Marks [$256.00], but rather 36 [$288.00]. We took the apparatus to Schmorell’s house. I could not say whether we carried it there together. I also could not say whether we both then took it to my room, or whether I did so alone.


Source: Sixth interrogation of Hans Scholl, February 21, 1943

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