Hans Scholl – first leaflet

During my last interrogation, I explained that I produced and disseminated these documents alone. This is incorrect, because Schmorell was also helpful to me in this regards. I will now try to give a coherent portrayal of the matter:

We prepared the draft [of the text] while working together. I initiated this. Schmorell declared his willingness to work with me. I wrote the first leaflet. …

Regardless, the leaflets “The White Rose”, namely parts I through IV, were run off from time to time by both of us working together in Schmorell’s room.

Schmorell borrowed the Remington brand typewriter from an acquaintance of his. I do not remember exactly who it was. But I think he once mentioned the name of a chemistry student with whom he is friends (Michl is his first name) who also lives in his neighborhood. The only thing I know about “Michl” – and even this is not exact – is that he was a classmate of Schmorell. I’ve only seen him at Schmorell’s house once, and that briefly. I would not know him today if I saw him.

Schmorell procured the approximately 400 pieces of paper that were needed for the leaflets, as well as the envelopes and postage stamps. We made the copies together.

We also typed the addresses together, taking turns using the Remington typewriter in question. We took the addresses out of the Schmorells’ address telephone book (his father’s). I think this was the 1942 telephone directory. I assume this was so, because Schmorell always had the most current edition.

… Alexander Schmorell’s family never noticed what we were doing. None of his family ever entered his room while we were working.


Source: Sixth interrogation of Hans Scholl, February 21, 1943

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