Purchase of first duplicating machine

So that we could produce large quantities of the “White Rose” leaflet, I purchased a duplicating machine in [a store on] Sendlinger Str. (I believe it was Baierl Company) in the summer of 1942. I took it to my residence, where we – Scholl and I – together produced about 100 copies. We rather randomly copied out addresses from telephone and other directories and distributed our leaflet by mail.

Today I cannot name the post office where we posted our bulk mailing. As best as I can recall, we learned from our acquaintances that some were for and some were against our leaflets.


Date of purchase of duplicating machine is estimate. Between time they first started (around June 18) and time the first 100 leaflets were mailed (June 27).-Ed.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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