Detail about the Schmorell soiree

It is also quite possible that I am partially confusing the meetings at Schmorell’s villa with the farewell party at Eickemeyer’s studio in terms of the political discussions there. I particularly can no longer say for certain whether questions or statements about passive resistance were made at the Schmorell meeting or at Eickemeyer’s. I can no longer recall details of the political debates. In any case, political discussions as I described during my first interrogation were held.

Remonstrance: Do you stick to your statement that you received the leaflet “White Rose” from Hans Scholl during the evening at Schmorell’s? It is improbable that after the leaflet was shown, there was no further discussion about it.

Answer: I must correct my statements in this matter, which I certainly did not consciously make falsely. I no longer know whether the leaflet “White Rose” was a topic of discussion at the evening at Schmorell’s or at the farewell party at Eickemeyer’s. In any case, during one of these evenings, I learned about the leaflet “White Rose” for the first time.

I definitely can recall that when I asked what it was, Scholl told me he had another copy. He did not say where he got it from. This conversation between Scholl and me foundered in general conversation. I do not believe that others present heard this conversation. …

Question: Which persons from Scholl’s circle of friends or closer acquaintances did you get to know in addition to the persons you have already named?

Answer: From the names I learned, I only know Willi Graf, his sister Anneliese, the artist Geyer, and the architect Eickemeyer.

I met Graf on the occasion of the evening at Schmorell’s. I never came into closer contact with him. As far as I could tell, he reacted to the political debates very passively. I only met him on the evening at Schmorell’s and Eickemeyer’s. Lafrenz told me that Graf is a good friend of Scholl and often associated with him in his residence.


Source: Second interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf, March 24, 1943

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