Where they got the information about mass murders

Question: The “White Rose” leaflet Series II Paragraph 2 says that since Poland was conquered, three hundred thousand Jews have been murdered in this country in a bestial manner. The support for this statement supposedly came from you. What do you have to say to this?

Answer: No matter what, I must insist that I did not tell either Scholl or Schmorell about the shooting of a specific number of Jews. I did not name the number “30,000” [sic], nor could I name that figure, because I had no reason to do so.

In addition, I did not know that Scholl and Schmorell were already involved with the publication and distribution of the seditious leaflet “White Rose” and that they would use my tales for such a purpose.

I cannot explain how the two of them came to such a misuse and twisting of facts. It is possible that when Scholl and Schmorell asked me how many Jews lived in a county or a city, and I answered them, that they used my answer as the basis for their seditious leaflet. I therefore can see that I was misused by these people, even though from the very beginning I kept a natural distance from them in personal matters.


Editor’s note: The Gestapo underlined the words “specific number” in Eickemeyer’s response. He never denied telling the White Rose friends about the mass murders of Jews, merely quibbled about the number.


Source: Second interrogation of Manfred Eickemeyer, April 7, 1943

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