Alexander Schmorell re Leaflet II

We worked in the same manner for the production and distribution of the “White Rose” leaflet, editions 2 and 3. I therefore describe both of these editions as the intellectual property of both me and Scholl, because we did everything jointly. We worked in my parents’ home (where I have my own room on the third floor) in such a manner that my parents could not possibly notice.

We bore the production costs of the leaflets jointly. We likewise purchased the paper etc. together, wherever we could find something. Regarding number of pieces, I remember that we produced about 100 copies of each edition. I must add that we did not produce 3, but rather 4 editions.

As we chose the addresses, our aim was to send our leaflets to a circle of persons who would presumably be sympathetic to our cause. We did not create an index of names; rather as we posted the second edition etc., we wrote to the same individuals we could recall from the first edition or who were in the telephone directory. In this manner, the vast majority of people received all 4 editions of the leaflets.

We were particularly careful not to let it become known among our friends that we were the publishers of these leaflets. To verify that our leaflets were being delivered, we posted them to ourselves. We determined that our process worked. There was a relatively short time between publication of each edition [of the leaflets]. I believe I recall that we wrote and distributed the 4 leaflets within 14 days.


Note: Copied Alexander Schmorell’s comments about Leaflets 2, 3, and 4 to the appropriate date, so it is clear what they did each time.-Ed.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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