Bischoff’s view of Leaflet III

In Leaflet No. III, it is postulated that the fall of National Socialism is the meaning and goal of passive resistance. In this war, one may not be deterred from any course of action or from any deed, no matter what the scope. National Socialism must be attacked in every place in which it is vulnerable.

The first concern of every German should not be a military victory [Note 1], but rather the defeat of the National Socialists. Every resolute opponent of National Socialism must ask himself the question, how he could most effectively contend with the current “State”, how he could deal it the severest blow. To do so, sabotage would be required: sabotage of the armaments industry, prevention of the smooth operation of the war machine, and sabotage in all scholarly and intellectual realms.


Note 1: The original leaflet said “military victory over Bolshevism”.


Source: Indictment dated April 8, 1943

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