Leaflet 3 (indictment)

In Leaflet No. III, the notion is developed that the ruin of National Socialism is the essence and goal of passive resistance. In this battle, one must not shrink back from any path, from any deed. National Socialism must be attacked at every point in which it is vulnerable to attack.

The first concern of every German must not be a military victory, but rather the defeat of National Socialism. Every staunch opponent of National Socialism must ask himself how he can fight the current “State” most effectively and where he can deal it the most damaging blows. To accomplish this, sabotage is necessary – sabotage in the armaments industry and other industries that are crucial to the war effort, obstruction of smooth-running function of the war machine, sabotage of all National Socialist organizations, as well as of all scientific and intellectual spheres of activity.


Source: February 21, 1943 indictment

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