Leaflet mailing 07

According to the Gestapo, copies of Leaflet II were mailed on June 30 at 9:00 P.M., Post Office unknown:

  • To Hermann Claudius, Hemburg-Hummelsbüttel, Kühlungsborn, Baltic Sea, Artists’ Retreat, Goebbels Foundation (record 29)

Leaflet II was also mailed at the same time from Post Office 2:

  • To Alfons Engelsperger, PhD, Munich Geiselfasteig, N. Münchener Str. 4a (record 4)
  • To Benno von Mechow, Brannenburg on the Inn (record 15)
  • To Director of the Regional Educational Facility in Schondorf/Ammersee (record 16)
  • To Ernst Haider, Artist, Stockdorf-Planegg (record 17)
  • To Dr. Braunert, Dentist, Göppingen, Württemberg (record 28)
  • To Erwin Schueller, Munich, St. Paul’s Place 6, c/o Konstanzer, currently medic with the 2nd Student Company (medical), Bergmannschule [Note 1]


Note 1: This is the specific copy of the leaflet that “justified” charges of demoralization of the troops. The recipient was a member of the military.


Source: ZC13267, report detailing leaflets that had been turned in to the Gestapo (35-38). The report was not dated.

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