Alexander Schmorell re “sabotage” text

I am not able to say why Scholl and I disparaged our Führer in such a particularly venomous form at that time. I can only say that this action could be reconciled with our political attitudes. At that time, we saw so-called passive resistance and the commission of acts of sabotage as the only means of shortening the war.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

Alexander Schmorell re Leaflet III

We worked in the same manner for the production and distribution of the “White Rose” leaflet, editions 2 and 3. I therefore describe both of these editions as the intellectual property of both me and Scholl, because we did everything jointly. We worked in my parents’ home (where I have my own room on the third floor) in such a manner that my parents could not possibly notice. Continue reading

Gestapo comments about third leaflet

Yesterday’s expert analysis, page 3, number 4, Christian overtones: This now comes clearly into view. Christian expressions multiply. E 14, Creature. … E 38, cloak of wisdom (compare with A 26). E 19, according to God’s will. E 35, scattered throughout the world as dust upon the wind. E 39, spawn of hell. … In E 11, there was already a reference to civitas dei, which is a Latin quote from Augustine. … Continue reading

Leaflet mailing 10

According to the Gestapo, copies of Leaflet II were mailed on July 1 at 09:00 a.m.:

  • To Werner Jacobs, Professor, Munich, Dorotheen Str. 15 – from Post Office 23 (record 12)
  • To Josef Eisenberger, Grocery Store Owner, Zell, township of Ruhpolding, House No. 281/2 – from Post Office 2 (record 33)
  • To Mr. Baer, Member of the Public Health Department, Munich 9, Hochleite – from unknown post office (record 26)
  • To Josef Schneider, Dr. of Veterinary Medicine, Bad Tölz, Bahnhof Str. 13 (Changed by Post Office to “Thanning bei München”) – from Post Office 1 (record 22) Continue reading