Hans Scholl gives Katharina copy of leaflet

Several days later on the occasion of an accidental meeting at the university, Scholl gave me a copy of the third edition of the leaflet “White Rose”. In so doing, he remarked that I should not read it here (in the hallways of the university), but rather at home. I took the leaflet, stowed it with the textbooks I had with me, and took it home. I then read the leaflet at home alone in my room.

The statements I made yesterday with regards to the impression the leaflet made on me were true. I never talked to Scholl about the leaflet after I had read it. I carelessly set the leaflet aside. I assure [you] that I did not make anyone else aware of the leaflet.


Source: Second interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf, March 24, 1943

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