Gestapo comments about fourth leaflet

Yesterday’s expert analysis, page 3, number 4, Christian overtones: This now comes clearly into view. Christian expressions multiply. … F 22, death as reaper. F 27, accusation of blasphemy. … But he lets his Christian mask slip most clearly in F: F 44, the One God. F 46, the true God. In F 98, he appears as the bad conscience of mankind. F 47, ship without a rudder, infant without a mother, a cloud that dissipates: these singular images apparently stem from Christian mysticism, I suspect from Meister Ekkehard.

In E 11, there was already a reference to civitas dei, which is a Latin quote from Augustine. This concept is picked up again in F 37: Mankind, which left his position in ordo, that is in the world order, which is similarly an Augustinian image (by the way, it is significant how the author uses Latin phrases without making allowances for [loss of] comprehension). Finally, a large part of F is dominated by the visions in the book of Daniel, visions of the fallen angel, the anti-Christ, and the demon who lies in wait for mankind. There is an element of camouflage in F, in that in F 61, “Proverbs” are quoted, and it certainly refers to the Proverbs of King Solomon [Note 1]. But the author avoided the addendum after all. …

Yesterday’s expert analysis, page 6, 2nd paragraph: I determined that the appeals did not have the tone of an embittered loner. … [The] author perceives himself to be surrounded by like-minded people (E 23; F 10). …

From the perspective of current history, C – F all reflect the same situation of last summer. They were likely written hastily one right after another. Air raids in Cologne, [military] advances in the East continue, Rommel is in El Alamein (F 6), and it is likely that Quisling had just visited Germany (F 84). …


General Note: In Harder’s memorandum, C = Leaflet 1 by Hans Scholl, D = Leaflet 2 by Hans Scholl and Alexander Schmorell, E = Leaflet 3 by Hans Scholl and Alexander Schmorell, F = Leaflet 4 by Hans Scholl, A = Leaflet 5 by Hans Scholl, B = Leaflet 6 by Kurt Huber. I have extracted only the analysis of Leaflet 1 in this post. – Note that dating as June 25, 1942 is based the date the first leaflets were mailed (around June 28) minus a few days.

Note 1: In the German Bible – Catholic and Lutheran – this book is referred to as Proverbs of King Solomon, not simply Proverbs as in the King James Version.


Source: ZC13267, Harder’s memorandum dated February 18, 1943

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