Shutting down before Russia

I sold the duplicating machine that had been used in the production of these mass leaflets back to the Bayerle (sic) Company. I think I got 15 or 20 Marks [$120 – 160] for it.

I gave the typewriter back to Alexander Schmorell. When asked, I will once again repeat that Schmorell had nothing to do with the production and distribution of these leaflets and did not even know about them. Certainly he learned about the leaflets later, but not from me, from other students.

I wisely refrained from telling other students that I was the producer and distributor of these leaflets. I never showed the leaflets to other students or to bystanders. Neither my sisters nor other family members knew anything about this activity of mine.


Editor’s note: Despite obvious falsehoods (“Alex didn’t know”), included here to demonstrate progression of story. Additionally, the information regarding shutting down before heading to the Russian front is valuable.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fourth interrogation, February 20, 1943

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