Eickemeyer tells of atrocities in Poland

I will now relate several incidents that I witnessed during my employment with the Generalgouvernement that I did not think were right and about which I possibly spoke in the presence of Scholl et al in Munich.

In 1940 or 1941 (both years come into question), about 180 workers of the Wilhelm Offenbeck Corporation Construction Company wanted to go on strike because of low wages and inadequate provisions. Although we immediately took steps to remedy this deplorable state of affairs with the German authorities, nothing much was done to improve the social living conditions of these workers. As a result, these Polish workers did not become supporters of Germany, but rather now passively seek to oppose German interests.

It is also possible that I told about resettlements and shootings of Jews in the Generalgouvernement. I always emphasized that I did not personally witness these events, but rather that I knew about them from hearsay. I also admit that I criticized one or the other German measures taken in the Generalgouvernement in Scholl’s circle etc.


Source: Second interrogation of Manfred Eickemeyer, April 7, 1943

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