Farewell party (Willi Graf)

Question: At the end of July 1942 before you were transferred to Russia, there was a going-away party at the studio of Eickemayer (sic) on Leopold Street. You took part in that party. In addition to yourself, who else took part in this party and what political topics were discussed thereby?

Answer: Hans Scholl invited me to this party. In addition to him, the following were present: his sister Sophie Scholl, the architect Eickemayer, Schmorell, Professor Huber, and I think Propst. I could not say who the other two or three persons were. The name Otto Aicher is completely strange to me. However, the name Hirzel was mentioned once in a conversation between Sophie and Hans Scholl, but I cannot recall in what context.

I cannot recall any details about the conversation that evening. After I have been shown the statements of Professor Huber with regards to this matter, I admit that it is possible that these topics and others like them were covered. I believe I can now recall that with regards to our assignment on the front, Schmorell championed the idea that we should behave passively, and that the others who were present contradicted him. As far as I know, I did not participate in this debate at all, and if I did, very little.


Source: Sixth interrogation of Willi Graf, March 1, 1943

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