Katharina describes ‘farewell party’

In addition, I participated in an event of the extended circle around Scholl. This was shortly before the [male] students went to the front. The meeting was planned as a so-called farewell party. It took place in Eickemeyer’s [Note 1] studio around the middle of July 1942. I believe Miss Lafrenz invited me to this party.

While I was [at the party], everyone who had been present at the evening at Schmorell’s villa was also present with the exception of Dr. Ellermann. I can also recall that Eickemeyer was also present. As I recall, Prof. Huber arrived late.

Politics was never discussed that evening in my presence. At least while I was present, the evening was dedicated to general discussion.

Since I was exhausted on the day in question, I left the party early, perhaps around 9:30 pm. I believe that I left the party alone, although it is not impossible that Miss Lafrenz accompanied me. However, I recall for sure that no one from the party went home with me. I later learned from Lafrenz that on the evening in question, politics was discussed. Lafrenz did not give any more details. Also, I myself was not interested in knowing anything else.

To the remonstrance that my statement is not true (with regards to political discussions at the so-called farewell party at Eickemeyer’s) because other statements made by persons who left the studio with me unanimously confirm that politics was strongly debated that evening, I must make a small correction to my statement.

I do not know that the respect of the SS [Note 2] was generally attacked with regards to respect and honor. I only know and recall that during the course of the conversation, passive resistance was once against discussed.

No matter how hard I try, I am not able at this moment to give further details [Note 3] with regards to passive resistance as it was discussed that evening. I only know additionally that Prof. Huber and Hans Scholl were actively involved in this topic. As I stated before, I still believe that I left the party at most with Miss Lafrenz. But I cannot say for certain.


Note 1: Throughout Schüddekopf’s interrogations, Agent Geith routinely wrote Eickemeyer’s name as Eickemayr. Instead of duplicating the error followed by “sic”, left as Eickemeyer throughout.

Note 2: The typewritten “SS” was crossed out, and the runic SS handwritten over it.

Note 3: Mich an was crossed out, as if she had originally said she could not remember.


Source: Initial interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf, March 23, 1943

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