Katharina expands info about farewell party

After careful consideration, I now recall that I did stay at the farewell party at Eickemeyer’s studio to the very end. Remonstrance

Remonstrance: In this context, you stated during the first interrogation that you learned from Lafrenz after the fact that there was a political discussion that evening. Following your present statements, you therefore must have also heard the political discussion.

Answer: For certain I can say that I arrived at the party in Eickemeyer’s studio later. I do not know what had been discussed politically before I arrived. I also did not bother myself with it.

It is also quite possible that I am partially confusing the meetings at Schmorell’s villa with the farewell party at Eickemeyer’s studio in terms of the political discussions there. I particularly can no longer say for certain whether questions or statements about passive resistance were made at the Schmorell meeting or at Eickemeyer’s. I can no longer recall details of the political debates. In any case, political discussions as I described during my first interrogation were held. …

The only thing I know about Eickemeyer is that he made his studio available for meetings of the Scholl circle. But I do not believe that Eickemeyer made his studio available for political meetings, rather exclusively for literary purposes.

I only met Eickemeyer personally on one evening, and that was at the farewell party. I can still recall that Eickemeyer told me on that evening that he was not pleased with the entire political debate. He thought that Scholl’s innuendos against the State were not right and that one should not [Note 1] judge the State in that manner. …

On the basis of the photographs I am being shown, I recognize only one person. I only learned his name during the interrogation (Hirzel Hans). I did not meet him personally. I only know that I saw him at the farewell party in Eickemeyer’s studio.


Note 1: The word nicht was inserted by hand.


Source: Second interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf, March 24, 1943

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