Gisela Schertling extends war-time work

We herewith certify that the [female] student Miss Gisela Schertling (born February 9, 1922, residing in Pössneck, Georg Str.) performed her Voluntary War-Time Service here in our armaments factory from August 3 to August 29, 1942, as well as her [Mandatory] War-Time Auxiliary Service from August 30 to September 26, 1942.


Source: Employment reference dated September 26, 1942

Grimminger handles Scholl’s business affairs

While Scholl was in prison, I represented him in Ulm. Since the residence and offices of Scholl Senior are in the same house, I naturally got to know his family better. With regards to Inge Scholl, I can only say that she concerns herself with high philosophical questions or rather reads books like that. … Continue reading

Accusations of spying for Russia (Alexander Schmorell)

The assumption that I maintain contact with Russian persons or agencies for the purpose of passing along information is unfounded. I must certainly defend myself against such an accusation, because there is no basis for it.

The photograph of a Russian pilot and the address of a Russian POW that were found during the search have no meaning in this context, because I found the photographs on the occasion of my service on the Eastern Front. I did not know the pilot who had crashed. Continue reading

Purchase of Russian revolver (Wagner)

[Anton Wagner]: I believe it was in August 1942, I purchased a Russian revolver from an unknown guard. I bought it for personal protection, or rather as a collector [of such items]. While I was on the Eastern Front, I carried it in a body belt and was happy about the acquisition. I learned from the seller of this weapon that it was plunder.


Note: Date is estimate.


Source: Anton Wagner’s statement dated March 11, 1943

Gisela Schertling’s war-time work

For students’ war-time service in 1942, she chose the most difficult work, that is, employment at a munitions factory with Presswerk Unterwellborn near Saalfeld. Here as well, her conduct was praiseworthy (according to the enclosed report) from the aspect of her diligence as well as regarding her social conduct with other [female] workers. Continue reading