Gisela Schertling volunteers for war-time work

We herewith certify that the [female] student Miss Gisela Schertling (born February 9, 1922, residing in Pössneck, Georg Str.) performed her Voluntary War-Time Service here in our armaments factory from August 3 to August 29, 1942 …

Miss Schertling was employed as a machine-worker in various stages of manufacture on the swing shift. She always carried out her assigned tasks with the greatest conscientiousness, the greatest diligence, to the satisfaction of her supervisors.

Her employment was friendly, responsible, and exemplary.

/Stamped: Eisenwerk-Gesellschaft Maximilanshütte [Ironworks Company M.]
Division: Preβwerke Thüringen/


Source: Employment reference dated September 26, 1942

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