Grimminger handles Scholl’s business affairs

While Scholl was in prison, I represented him in Ulm. Since the residence and offices of Scholl Senior are in the same house, I naturally got to know his family better. With regards to Inge Scholl, I can only say that she concerns herself with high philosophical questions or rather reads books like that. …

Back to the Scholl family: When I would go to the Scholls’ residence in September and October 1942 to help out with the business, I saw and talked to among others also Sophie Scholl. At that time, she was working in a factory in Ulm.

I never talked to Sophie Scholl about political matters. It was not the right time for such things, since her father was in prison and the whole family was in a very sad mood [gestimmt] because of that.

I can give absolutely no information about Werner Scholl, who as far as I know was previously with RAD [Reich Labor Service].


Source: Initial interrogation of Eugen Grimminger, March 3, 1943

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