Grimminger explains motivations for first trip

I would like to point out once again that I barely knew [Hans] Scholl, and in contrast, I did not know Schmorell at all. It is therefore understandable that I did not give their statements the same weight as they themselves did. In addition, the discussion lasted such a short time that it was impossible for Scholl to make comments in enough detail so that I would know precisely what they were planning. Continue reading

Details regarding first trip to Stuttgart

To the question as to why Hans Scholl would turn precisely to me to receive money for his seditious actions: I can only reply that he probably received the tip from Robert Scholl, that is, from Hans Scholl’s father, since I had deputized for him. Hans Scholl expressed himself so clearly during his first visit that I could imagine both of them [Note 1] working to overthrow [the government]. Continue reading

Willi Graf moves to Mandl-Str. 1

To come back to my former room at Mandel Str. 1, I will add that when Graf returned from Russia, he was looking for a room. My brother made him aware that my former room at Mandel Str. 1 was available at that time, because the landlady actually did not intend to look for another boarder. Garf [sic] then got this room, where he resided till the end.


Source: Third interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 20, 1943

Alexander Schmorell’s visit in Ulm

Question: Who was present during the discussions in the residence of Scholl’s parents in Ulm?

Answer: With regards to the time in question, I must say in advance that this was not over Christmas, but rather November 1942 [Note 1],because I did not travel to Ulm over Christmas or New Year’s. Continue reading

Hans and Sophie move to Franz Josef Strasse 13

I have rented a room from Mrs. Schmidt, for which I pay monthly rental of 120 Marks [$960.00]. For a [hot] bath, I must pay 1 Mark [$8.00]. I must reimburse [her] for all telephone charges. I eat almost all my meals in public restaurants, and am considered a “regular” in some of these. I generally pay around 1.50 Marks [$12.00] per meal. We usually cook our own breakfasts and suppers. I need around 2.50 Marks [$20.00] per day for living expenses.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

Move to Franz-Joseph-Strasse

Currently, I have access to my landlady’s typewriter, Erika brand. But I type on this typewriter only rarely, and then only impersonal letters or addresses. The letters I mentioned previously – to Nägele, Borchers, and my mother – I wrote even the addresses by hand. I have been living in Schmidt’s house since around November 15, 1942 and her typewriter has been available for my use since then.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

Hans Scholl’s request re revolver

[Anton Wagner]: On the return trip to Munich from the Eastern Front, Hans Scholl asked me for this revolver. I told him that for the time being I was not considering a sale [of the weapon], and that I wanted to have it with me when I arrived home.


Note: Date is estimate. Their journey home started on November 1, 1942.


Source: Anton Wagner’s statement dated March 11, 1943