The Erika typewriter

The typewriter found in our apartment is the property of our landlady, Mrs. Schmidt. About 14 days ago, we discovered this typewriter in Mrs. Schmidt’s living room – in her presence.

I would like to mention here that Mrs. Schmidt rarely stays in her apartment in Munich, because she usually stays with her married daughter (name unknown) in a country house in Steinbach near Landsberg for weeks at a time. This woman has been at her daughter’s house for the last 10 days.

It was probably about 14 days ago that we used Mrs. Schmidt’s typewriter for the first time. We needed it to prepare a philosophical or theological essay that my brother sent to friends and acquaintances on the front line, as he had done in the past. Schmorell had provided us with his portable typewriter a few weeks ago for the same purpose.


Note: Sophie is claiming that they didn’t start using the Erika typewriter until February 8. But it’s clear from the “crime lab” results that they used Frau Schmidt’s typewriter for Leaflet V as well.


Source: First interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 18, 1943

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