Falk Harnack (Schmorell)

Question: How do matters stand with [a man named] Harnak [sic, throughout] and his circle of friends?

Answer: The last 4 years, I have known the dancer Lilo Berndl, who resides in Munich at Prinzen Str. 30. Mrs. Berndl is well acquainted with Dr. Valk [sic] Harnak from East Prussia. I met him mid-January 1943 (sic) in Chemnitz through Berndl’s mediation.

For this reason, Hans Scholl and I went to Chemnitz from Munich, to meet Harnak. I pursued no other purpose therewith. In Chemnitz, we met Harnak in a hotel. I believe Harnak is a Lance Corporal.

During our first meeting, he was wearing an army uniform (signal corps in Chemnitz). Hans Scholl and I openly proclaimed to Harnak that we were opponents of National Socialism. We asked him to work together with us; in so doing, we also talked about the production and distribution of treasonous leaflets. From the ensuing discussion, we deduced that he is also an opponent of National Socialism. …

I must mention that during our conversation in Chemnitz, Harnak did not say that he agreed with us nor did he agree to help us, nor was he prepared to give us names of people who might work with us (treasonous activities).


Note: As with the first trip to visit Eugen Grimminger in Stuttgart, Alexander Schmorell mis-dated the trip to visit Falk Harnack in Chemnitz. As can be seen by comparing “open” dates in January, there were no dates when all the named individuals were available, except for these dates at the end of November.-Ed.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s March 1, 1943 interrogation

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